Formulation Adjuvants - introduction

Course description

The biological activity of a crop protection product is determined by its active ingredient, which may be formulated to improve handling, storage, application and bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to the extent a substance or active ingredient becomes available to its intended biological target site, and is determined by active ingredient concentration at site of application, anatomic & physiological characteristics of the absorptive site, active ingredient solubility and formulation, including the choice of adjuvants.

This course provides an insight into modifier and activator adjuvants and their effects on the bioavailability, stability and application of pesticide formulations.

What is the purpose of this course? 

By understanding adjuvants – what they do and how they work - the application and bioavailability of crop protection formulations can be optimized, enhancing efficacy and providing product differentiation.

What are the main learnings/takeaways from this course?

After taking this course, participants will have an understanding and overview of Modifier adjuvants that affect the physical properties of the product and spray solution and Activator adjuvants that increase the biological effectiveness of a pesticide – what they are, how they work and which to use – and which challenges the various adjuvant types address. In addition, priorities and trends in adjuvant development will be considered.

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